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Did George Mason's basketball program cross the line with a 'letter of interest' to a 10 year old?

Point guard Jaden Jones is a 10-year-old fifth grader who lives in the Dallas area. According to YouTube video description, George Masons basketball program sent Jones a letter of interest on Friday, or earlier. ( posted a YouTube video on Friday with the description that George Mason sent a letter of interest to 10-year-old point guard Jaden Jones. 

According to the NCAA website, "A coach may observe the basketball activity of a prospective student-athlete who has entered the seventh grade as long as the observation occurs during a contact or evaluation period." The letter of interest that the Patriots sent Jones did not violate that rule.

It is unknown who sent the letter, it was most likely Patriots' head coach Paul Hewitt, but the letter's content was positive reinforcement for Jones.

George Mason's letter of interest

The only potential problem with this letter is that the Patriots' coach wrote, "I'm really looking forward to seeing you play." The NCAA might investigate the situation because of that one sentence, in case Hewitt or one of the Patriots' coaches wanted to try to see him play prior to Jones entering seventh grade.

The YouTube video shows how dominant Jones is. At five-feet, five-inches, he is a great ball handler and jump shooter.

It also helps that Jones is clearly bigger and stronger than any other player in the YouTube video. He could end up growing six inches to a foot by the time he enters college and gain a lot of muscle.

This will definitely not be the last time that a college basketball program attempts to send letters to Jones.

Did George Mason's basketball team cross the line with this letter?

Was this a smart move by the George Mason's basketball team?

Should the NCAA issue consequences for the letter of interest George Mason sent to Jaden Jones?

-Noah Weintraub